Cindy Wojdyla
Creative Director/ArtDirector
by Cindy Wojdyla

Some people have all the luck. As a designer right out of the American Academy of Art in Chicago, I had the good fortune to extend my training at Hallmark Cards in Kansas City and then Vogue magazine in New York.

And as an art director, I had the even greater good fortune to work at some of the country’s most acclaimed agencies—Levine, Huntley, Calet, Hirsch, Ammirati & Puris and Scali—where I was able to learn from such industry notables as Ralph Ammirati, Peter Rausch, Allan Beaver, Cliff Freeman and Patrick Peduto (it is a small world).

From package and book design to national print and television campaigns, I’ve done it all for clients ranging from Club Med, Subaru and Perrier to Wrangler, Perdue and Yamaha motorcycles.

Now, back in Chicago, in addition to having the pleasure of working on the Bally Total Fitness business, I also have three wonderful children and am married to the award-winning copywriter, author, consultant and notorious know-it-all, Mark Silveira. (Okay, so maybe some people don’t have all the luck.)

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