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LaMotta's Tomatta Sauce, made with the finest all-natural ingredients, is the divine inspiration of former middleweight champion Jake "Raging Bull" LaMotta and his son, Joe. Jake LaMotta created this superb marinara sauce more than fifty years ago when his boxing career was in full swing. As the story goes, the famed "Raging Bull"--portrayed by Robert DeNiro in the 1980 film classic--used to cook up and chow down on pasta with his own, specially prepared marinara following each of his pre-fight "weigh-ins". Looking for comfort food to soothe the soul and satisfy a raging appetite, the discriminating fighter and his son perfected the sauce until it was just exactly right--until it was a sauce fit for a champion. 

Happily, several decades later, LaMotta's comfort food of choice has made the transfer from stove to jar with its fantastic, full-bodied flavor deliciously intact. Thick and spicy, with chunks of fresh garlic and onion, fresh basil, extra virgin olive oil and ripe tomatoes, LaMotta's Tomatta is in a class by itself. Unlike the usual industrial sauce made with paste and water, LaMotta's Tomatta is a rich, home-style marinara, just like Momma--or Poppa LaMotta!--used to make. 

Tremendous effort has gone into the creation of LaMotta's Tomatta. In fact, to ensure that the sauce is always fresh and carefully prepared, the marinara is a Kosher product. 

"My father and I were very concerned that LaMotta's Tomatta answer the need for sauce in a jar that doesn't have that commercially industrial flavor you find on grocery shelves," said Joe LaMotta, a long time veteran of the food and beverage industry. "We spent a lot of time in the preparation stage making sure that our marinara would be a genuine family style sauce--hearty, rich, and satisfying." 

LaMotta's Tomatta Sauce. Made from the finest all-natural ingredients. It is truly the Sauce of Champions.


LaMotta's Tomatta Sauce Fact Sheet

Product Name

LaMotta's Tomatta Sauce


A marinara sauce created by former middleweight champion,
Jake LaMotta and perfected by his son Joe. It is now being distributed through LaMotta Food Products, Inc., a New York City-based food concern.


Made from the finest, all natural ingredients, including: ripe tomatoes,
fresh onions, garlic, fresh basil, red wine, extra virgin olive oil and spices.


Suggested retail
$3.99/16 Oz. jar.
 $5.49/26 Oz. jar.


Major grocery store chains and gourmet and health stores,
or direct by phone at 1-800-LAMOTTA.


Lynn Ross
LaMotta Food Products, Inc.
Tel: (212) 775-0380
Fax: (212) 488-8257
Jake & Joe LaMotta

Jake LaMotta

Known throughout the world as "Raging Bull," 1940's great Jake LaMotta continues to reign as one of his sport's most enduring and compelling legends. The 1949 World Middleweight Champion, Mr. LaMotta was renowned for his almost unparalleled toughness and tenacity in the ring. 

Born on July, 1921 on New York City's Lower East Side, LaMotta took to boxing early in life. Boxing mostly in the Bronx, he won a Diamond Belt Championship as an amateur before turning professional in 1940 at the tender age of l 9. In 1943, the courageous LaMotta handed Sugar Ray Robinson his first defeat. A boxing star was truly on the rise. 

In 1949, Mr. LaMotta defeated Frenchman Marcel Cerdan to become the World Middleweight Champion. The Raging Bull, also known as the "Bronx Bull," held that title for nearly two years until Sugar Ray Robinson TKO'D LaMotta out in the 13th round of their 1951 bout—still considered one of boxing's most famous moments. 

Jake LaMotta retired in 1954 with an impressive record of 18-19-4, including 30 KO's. Raging Bull, Mr. LaMotta's fascinating autobiographical account of his colorful life story, was turned into a successful film starring Robert DeNiro. 

Mr. LaMotta lives in New York City and is a member of the International Hall of Fame.

Joe LaMotta

Joe LaMotta, 49, was the co-founder of LaMotta Food Products, Inc. a New York City based food production company. Having worked extensively as a food wholesaler and in the restaurant and nightclub business in both the northeast and Florida, Mr. LaMotta gained tremendous experience in the food and beverage industry. He had taken various culinary related courses on food production and new business ventures at the New School for Social Research, where he studied under Gary Goldberg, the respected Culinary Director. 

Joe LaMotta is the son of the 1949 World Middleweight Champion and boxing great Jake LaMotta.

Joe was a passenger on Swissair 111. We will all miss him very much.

Store Price List

item pack/size cost per case upc code
MARINARA 12/16oz $26 9940600100
12/26oz $36 9940600150
FRA DIAVOLO 12/16oz $26 9940600200
12/26oz $36 9940600250
LaMotta's Tomatta products are made with all natural ingredients and are Kosher
Prices are F.O.B. New York
Weight=20lbs per 16oz case and 30lbs per 26oz case
Case Size=13 x 10 x 6 (16oz) and 14 x 11 x 7 (26oz)

How to Contact Us

Lynn Ross
LaMotta Food Products, Inc.
Tel: (212) 775-0380
Fax: (212) 488-8257

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