Cousin Brucie video: "Eramus Hall High School, The Fifth Reunion, Brooklyn."
03:40 edit shown at reunion. This is the 16:00 entire intrview download -- 118.7mb .mov file

There will be private bus transportation from the hotels and 1 or 2 other central locations to all of the events.


Debby Choy and Dayle Rubinstein Katz

There will be an EHHS REUNION registration table in the Marriott Lobby near check in.
If you will not be at the Marriott, have a friend sign in for you,
or you can do it on Saturday night or Friday night at the dinner at Dino!!

You will receive a program/itinerary of events, a journal with ads from our sponsors, lots of photos and memories and lots more, plus an EHHS tote bag and EHHS Alumni t-shirt.

At registration you can sign up for bus transportation to any/all of the events you want.

Check in at hotels, Registration and get your info packets and more at hotels or at Dino.

7:00 pm
Dinosaur BBQ, 125th Street and 12th Ave -- private room uptairs (by the elevator)
IMPORTANT: If taking bus from Brooklyn Bridge Marriott, meet in front of the hotel on Adams Street at 5:45 PM -- the bus
will arrive at Adams Street and you will board at 6PM. The bus will depart for Dinosaur BBQ at 6:15 PM.
If you cannot be there at that time due to your flights, you will need to get to Dinosaur BBQ in West Harlem on your own.
Suggestions are Uber, Lyft, or Car Service aka Livery Cab.

You will be checked into the bus by name.
You will be given a wristband for the bus and for dinner at Dino

Have fun!! Enjoy dinner! You're all paid up except for your drinks. Cash bar, drinks are reasonably priced
and there are about a gazillion beers from which to choose..

dinner and entertainment

Bar Snacks

BBQ Buffet of 3 meats, 3 sides, rolls, cornbread,
after dinner sweets, soft drinks, coffee.

gluten-free choices
non-portk choices

If you are kosher or have allergies, please contact Matty.

There is a full bar in our private room and you'll be able to order
what you want and pay for it then and there.
Alcoholic beverages, beer and wine are priced exactly
the same as they are in the downstairs restaurant.

The prices are realistic and reasonable.

Buses return you to hotels.

Say goodnight to Dino and board the bus for the Brooklyn Bridge Marriott.

1:00 am (Saturday, Oct 8)
Arrive at the Brooklyn Bridge Marriott.
IMPORTANT: Those staying at the Fairfield Inn please e-mail so we can arrange your transportation
from the Fairfield to the Marriott and then back from the Marriott to the Fiarfield.

1:00 am (Saturday, Oct 8)
Have a drink and schmooze some more. Or go to sleep.
Gay Schlufen (good sleep)... tomorrow is another day and if you're going to tour EHHS you'll need to get up early!!



Check in at hotels, Registration at hotels
-- if you haven't already done so.

(8:45 AM*) 10:00 am to 11:30 am
Erasmus Hall High School Tour

Snacks and brunch-y type foods and soft drinks to be served.
*IMPORTANT: Meet in front of the Brooklyn Marriott AT 8:45 am to board the bus the EHHS.
The bus will arrive at the Brooklyn Marriott at 9:00 am and depart for EHHS at 9:20am.
10:00 am Disembarkation at EHHS, 911 Flatbush Ave.
Make sure you have your bus writstband. You won't get on the bus without it.
You will be checked in and given an EHHS Tour Wristband. No charge for this event
10:15 am: tour of EHHS -- meet some students, meet some principals (there are now five high schools at EHHS),
see your old fav classrooms, the chapel, the library, the campus, the Academy (aka the old building), the statue of Desi.
EHHS is supposed to has some snacks for us.
11:30 am: tour ends. Everyone heads out of the arch and to 911 Flatbush Avenue.

11:45: those returning to Brooklyn Marriott board the yellow school bus.

choose from:

11:45 am
Football Game

Those attending the EHHS football game meet Gary Metzger
in front if EHHS. Gary will check you in and you willget into
your car (service/livery car) to go to Sid Luckman Field.
After the game the cars will take you back to the Brooklyn Marriott.

11:45 am
Tour of Brooklyn

Those taking the Brooklyn Tour meet Robert I Rubinksy in
front of EHHS. You will then be checked in and board the bus
for the Brooklyn tour. You will be returned to the
Brooklyn Marriott
at around 4:00 pm.

or be on your own and join us later

4:00 pm
REST TIME: Naps, schmooze, drink, do hair and make up

7:00 pm to midnight
Grand Reunion Dinner, Dancing, Entertainment and maybe Awards!
Grand Ballroom, The New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge

wine and softdrinks included. Cash bar

DINNER AND DANCING 8:30 pm-Midnight

Station Buffet
Cold Buffet
Hot Buffet
Desert Buffet

wine and soft drinks included.

Dress code: whatever makes you happy,
though we encourage festive dress


Check-in at "EHHS Check-In Table"
you will not be permitted into the ballroom without checking in and receiving correct wristband.
Note that there will be no assigned seats. This way, you can move around and visit throughout the dinner.
Live and video items of interest will begin at approximately 8:15 pm.
Live music and dancing will begin at approximately 8:30 pm.
There will be breaks in between music for more schmoozing.

12:00 Midnight
Night all!
Adjorn to lobby bar and seating area, rooms, etc.

"Went with Amy Lynne and Susan Feldman Natkow to see the Marriott -- the space for the reunion, as well as, a sample hotel room and the amenities in the hotel. It is great! A wonderful place for us to be doing this in 10 months!! Great work by Amy -- couldn't have found a better location in Brooklyn (and it is really well located in downtown Brooklyn -- do they still call it that?) Exciting...."
-- Meryl Lutwin Freedman '66

Checkout time at the hotel is 11:00 am.
There is no late checkout. Please checkout before you board the bus for brunch and check you bags at the hotel.

9:30* am
Chinatown Farewell Brunch

Joy Luck Palace at 98 Mott Street (north of Canal Street) in Manhattan's Chinatown
*8:00 am: Bus arrives at Brooklyn Bridge Marriott.
Board buses if you are going to Joy Luck Palace for Dim Sum Brunch.
8:30 am: Bus departs for Chinatown.
9:30 am: Bus arrives at Joy Luck Palace for Dim Sum Brunch.
Choose what you want from the carts that circulate.
You will be charged based on what you eat. Prices are very reasonable. You are charged for tea.
11:15 am (approx): Board bus for return to the Brooklyn Bridge Marriott and Kings Tour.
11:45 am (approx): Those not going to Kings disembark and we say fond farewell until the 100th Reunion.
11:45 am (approx): Those going to Kings stay on bus to travel to Kings Tour. Your costs is $20 -- payable then and there.
We must have the name of everyone taking Kings Tour as they will not let you in without having your name in advance.

12:30 pm (approx)
Hour long tour of Kings. The board bus for return trip to Brooklyn Bridge Marriott.

2:00 pm
Disembark at Marriott, pick up your bags and say fond farewell until the 100th Reunion.

Those who need cars or cabs to get them to airports can either get them at the Kings Theater or at the hotel.

For those staying ar Fairfield and those not taking the bus from the Marriott:
There are now green cabs (that are the same as yellow cabs) that service areas other than Midtown Manhattan.
Ask the desk at the Fairfield if you'd like them to get you a cab or a car.
If you have an Uber app, try it.
We cannot attest to how well you'll do in Brokklyn but it's worth a shot.
Best are the car services (aka livery cabs).
Call and reserve in advance.
The two below were provided by someone who lives near EHHS.
She has used them. They are courteous and professional.
CASTLE CAR: 718.499.9333
MEX 5: 718.859.0005



"A couple of months ago someone mentioned that Mme Bermowitz had written a book. I just finished reading it and it was great. When I was at Erasmus I just knew her as a really nice teacher. I had no idea about everything that she had gone through before arriving in Brooklyn."
Mme Bermowiz will be attending our reunion.

30th Reunion Smiles
Daryl Roach and
Kristin Pappas

Bobby Kennedy visited Brooklyn many times over the years. This Photo with LBJ is from 1962. In 1967 he was our commencement speaker. But since no one had an iPhone in 1967, we do not have the speech recorded.

Transcript of speech with
handwritten notes in RFK's
handwriting. (pdf 20.1mg)

Kenny Yorke was always able to lift our spirits! "Push 'em back, push 'em back, way back!"
Bonnie Bailely and
Charna Carol Ball

Where I lived, there was a cigarette machine in the mail room. A pack of cigarettes was 28 cents, you put in 30 cents and two pennies were inside the cellophane on the side of the pack. -- Amy Lynne '67