This page is for imformation only.
You are responsible to take care of and make your own lodging reservations.

Lead Hotel: Brooklyn Bridge Marriott
All two-bedded rooms at our discounted rate at the Brooklyn Bridge Marriott are booked.
There still should be some king bedded rooms.

Second Hotel: Fairfield Inn, 181 Third Ave, Brooklyn


There will be an EHHS REUNION registration table in the Marriott Lobby near check in.
If you will not be at the Marriott, have a friend sign in for you,
or you can do it on Saturday night!!

You will receive a program/itinerary of events, a journal with ads from our sponsors, lots of photos and memories and lots more, plus an EHHS tote bag and EHHS Alumni t-shirt.

At registration you can sign up for bus transportation to any/all of the events you want.


New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge
10/06/2016-10/08/2016 Deluxe Room $279 per night
Toll-Free Reservation Center: 1-888-436-3759
Room Type Single.
You will be given a code for hotel reservations via e-mail once you pay for your reunion attendance deposit.
You will also find our special rate code on the EHHS Private Group Facebook page.
You will not find the code on this public website.

Those who want to stay the night of October 9th will also receive a preferred rate.

Reservations must be received by Marriott on or before September 16, 2016 (cutoff date)

We've gotten daily M Club admittance for $25 per day -- $50 value.
You can sign up for it when you book your room at the Brooklyn Marriott or when you check in.
The M Club includes breakfast for 2 people, snacks, wine, beer, soft drinks, cocktails and hors d'oeuvres
and other pre/post dinner foods. It is well worth the price as it is a private area, open only to those who have purchased admittance. Breakfast alone would cost more than $25 for two people, so do consider it.



Brooklyn Hotel - Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott
10/06/2016-10/08/2016 King Room $219 per night, Double-Bed $249 per night.*
Room Type Single.
You will be given a code for hotel reservations via e-mail once you pay for your reunion attendance deposit.
You will also find our special rate code on the EHHS Private Group Facebook page.
You will not find the code on this public website.

Additional Hotel, for those who would like options to the Brooklyn Marriott.
*A very very limited number of rooms -- 8 king bed rooms and 4 double double.
The price is lower than what you would find for the same weekend on or other discount reservation sites.
Breakfast is included. Parking is limited, there is a fee for parking.


Hotel room rates are subject to applicable state and local taxes
(currently 14.75% + $3.50 occupancy tax) in effect at the time of check-out.





50 What??????!!!!!!
by Goldie Pappas

Thirty minutes until lunch...Garfield’s french fries and a tall glass of TAB. That was yesterday. Yessiree, Bob. Yesterday! No kidding. I was a senior at Erasmus Hall High School, and it WAS yesterday.

Today I heard about the Reunion. Obviously, there had been some kind of error. Why would I be attending a 50th Class Reunion?!! Hell, I’m only...and then, I froze. For a split second, I had fallen into the muddle puddle. How old am I?! I broke into a cold sweat. I felt a little faint, and nauseous. I put on my reading glasses; to better see the computer monitor.

Class of 1967. They’re looking for me!! G-d help me!! Chills ran down my spine. No use in hiding under my desk; the air raid drills of the late 50’s, at PS 130.. were over. It’s time to figure out, how many years had passed, since I last walked through the corridors of EHHS, in my “buff & blue” Booster sweater and pleated blue skirt. The invite was definitely for me. There had been no mistake. TIME, the kidnapper of Youth had found me, 50 years later, sitting at my computer, in my Long Island home.

“What have you done in the past 50 years?” Was that rhetorical? I mean...did they REALLY want a timeline, of highlighted events? I did.. what everyone did! Right? I had lived! I paused. Some close friends had not lived. They, and many others, had been snatched away...too soon. I revised my unwritten reply.

"What have you done in the past 50 years?"

The reunion is set for October, 2016. A special thing about “remembrance” is that it has a photographic memory. In my mind’s eye, my high school friends are all..still vibrant, 16 and 17 year olds! They are not concerned about tomorrow. They are concerned about winning the basketball game, later this afternoon. The girls smile, and laugh, and giggle as cute boys pass them in the halls. The boys, four abreast, take up space as they walk like winning warriors to their next class.

In an instant, I find myself in the gray stairwell, following a crowd of enthusiastic kids. They begin to chant.."Let's go, Alio!" Is our football hero ahead of me?! Must be! It is a precious moment in time, frozen as a 'black and white photo' in my mind.

Maybe, I'll go. Pat Andreana Leschen and Ron Daniello..will you be able to find me there? And when we meet, will you remember all the fun we had together..50 years ago?

“Let me tell you something, Cardinal de Bricassart about old age, and about that God of yours. That vengeful God who ruins our bodies and leaves us only with enough wit for regret. Inside this stupid body, I am still young! I still feel! I still want! I still dream!” (Barbara Stanwyck, The Thorn Birds, 1983)

Peace & Recollection,