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A personal view.

As I write this I have tears in my eyes.
I don't live in Auburn and have only seen my fellow alum for a few hours at the 10th, 20th and 35th reunion.
At the 50th I was moved in ways I never expected. I'd say people change but actually internally they don't.
What changes is the projected exterior demanded of youth. Are the tough guys tough? Are the shy people really shy?
Are those who felt excluded really excluded? Are the popular people aloof and unapproachable?
Well not after 50 years. Not when maturity strips away the needed projection of teenagers trying
to survive and find a safe, group acceptable persona.

There is something going on in this town that is a strong thread that ties us all together to who we are
as a result of the events of 1960 through 1964. No matter how many other threads make up the fabric of who we are today,
this one thread is our backbone. A major part of our psyic DNA.

What is it? A sincere love of our fellow classmates. I don't mean some generic, expected verbalization of people at a reunion.
I mean a genuine, unadvertised love.

Here's what I observed that has change my view of my fellow alum and even turned my "dislike" of some to true love.
What I witnessed was not merely from the expected people but from the least expected.

There are a number of our classmates who have great difficulties. Some are physical, some mental, some health,
some financial. If at all possible, these alum were at the events because the other alum saw to it.
They worked for months to assure they would be there. They picked them up. They helped them get dressed.
They paid for them if necessary. And what's truly amazing is that this support network is there even when
there is not a 50th reunion. For the ones that couldn't be present packages were prepared and delivered to them.
There's no official organization/committee to do this. It's all individual efforts. And it seems the efforts
cover everyone by having individuals who have made it their duty to help specific alum.

I've never been so proud of the Carmel Class of '64. I love these guys.
If you weren't there, you really missed an opportunity to be enrobed
in the warmth of the moment and our friends.
-- P Peduto